Our Policy Publications

Our Policy Publications

23rd November, 2021

A Study Into The Effects Of Privatization Of Education On Access And Exclusion In Rural Areas, Slums And Inner Cities And Resiliency Of Private Schools In Emergencies

4th November, 2021

Eduwatch 2021 WASSCE Ghana Monitoring Report

28th October, 2021

Briefing Paper On Education Privatization In Ghana

3rd September, 2021

Curbing Examination Fraud Through Innovative Technology In Questions Distribution Systems

16th July, 2021

A Critical Review Of Technical Universities, Five Years After Implementing The Technical Universities Law

16th June, 2021

The 2020 WASSCE Report (An Independent Assessment Of The Conduct Of The 2020 WASSCE By WAEC)

23rd April, 2021

The Cost Of Free SHS: Is Free SHS Increasing Or Removing Financial Barriers To Secondary Education For The Poor?

21st April, 2021

The Open Governance Report On Education Sector Institutions In Ghana

15th April, 2021

Eduwatch Presentation On Access Barriers To Education

23rd March, 2021

"Where Is Our Money?"; Education Accountability Report

4th February, 2021

The Education-Migration Nexus: Strategies For Education Policy Implementation In 2021 And Beyond

13th January, 2021

Back To School: How Schools Can Address Challenges Students Come With

19th November, 2020

Ghana Free TVET Report

1st November, 2020

Ghana's High School Dropout Rate: Policy And Practice Prognosis

1st September, 2020

Reforming The System Of Assessment And Examinations In Ghana And WAEC Member Countries

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