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18th February, 2021

Eduwatch Talks Migration

  • 04:52 pm
  • West Africa Democracy Radio

Sahadatu Ali, Research Associate with Eduwatch discusses Migration among school going children in Ghana and the African continent on West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR). She cites poverty as a major push factor.

10th February, 2021

EDUSCOPE - The 2021 World Braille Day

  • 02:00 pm
  • West Africa Democracy Radio

Eduwatch advocates for the incorporation of Braille in the roadmap of inclusive education.

"It is important for all countries to prioritize the availability of Brailles for all blind students." - Eduwatch

20th January, 2021

Social Distancing And Nose Masks Wearing Enforcements

  • 10:40 pm
  • United Television (UTV)

Africa Education Watch shares view on Social Distancing and Nose masks' wearing enforcements. We called on Ghana Education Service to put a cap on class size limits as soon as possible

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