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22nd March, 2022

Eduwatch Documentary on Economic Barriers to the Re-entry of Teenage Mothers to School

  • 03:30 pm
  • Joy News

This Documentary was produced by Eduwatch in partnership with STAR Ghana Foundation with support from FCDO, and highlights the economic barriers to the re-entry of teenage mothers to school.

Even though the GES Re-entry Policy has aided the re-enrollment of about half (10,869) of the in-school teenage girls who got pregnant between 2018 and 2020 (22,147), the chances of these girls staying to complete school are very slim since the poverty factor that led to the pregnancies still exists, coupled with the added burden of caring for their babies. Poverty has the potential to cause these girls to dropout again, and poses a barrier to the re-entry of the other half who are yet to re-enter.

The documentary ultimately recommends financial support to such teenage mothers to re-enter and stay to complete school.

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20th November, 2021

The Collapse Of Low-Cost Private Schools Due To COVID-19

  • 10:29 am
  • Joy News

Documentary on the Collapse Of Low-Cost Private Schools due to COVID-19 Leading to Access Challenges and Exclusion in Communities without Public Basic Schools.

This Documentary was produced as part of the Education Spike Campaign.

18th June, 2021

Ghana Rastafarians Start School After Court Victory

  • 07:47 am
  • Ghana

In Ghana, two Rastafarians sued a school after they were denied enrollment simply for wearing dreadlocks. Now a high court has ordered the school to admit them dreadlocks or no. DW's Isaac Kaledzi has met up with them in Ghana's capital, Accra and also spoke to the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare.

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