Our Policy Publications

Our Policy Publications

15th April, 2021

Eduwatch Presentation On Access Barriers To Education

25th January, 2021

Africa Education Watch Message To African Leaders On International Day Of Education 2021

29th December, 2020

Eduwatch On Five Key Points Cabinet Should Consider In Taking School Reopening Decisions

19th November, 2020

Ghana Free TVET Report

20th August, 2020

Ghana COVID-19 School Reopening Monitoring Report

13th July, 2020

Guidelines For School And Learning Facilities Reopening After COVID-19 Pandemic Closures

1st July, 2020

Public Disclosure on Procurement, Distribution, and Receipts of Text and Exercise Books

3rd June, 2020

Civil Society Education Manifesto 2020

24th May, 2020

Africa Education Watch On Teacher Unions' Letter ON Reopening Of Schools

20th April, 2020

Troubleshooting the Partisan Distribution of Covid-19 Relief Items & More. An Institutional Diagnosis of NADMO and MASLOC

27th February, 2020

Africa Education Watch Position Paper on New JHS Curriculum

14th January, 2020

Africa Education Watch on New GES Promotion Process

26th November, 2019

Africa Education Watch Statement on 2020 Budget

15th November, 2019

Erratic Changes in Double Track SHS Academic Calendar

17th October, 2019

Africa Education Watch submits proposal on pre-tertiary education bill to Parliament of Ghana.

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