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12th December, 2022

Over 80,000 Girls Lose Education To Child Marriages

10th December, 2022

Eduwatch Raises Concern Over Reduction In Domestic Violence Prevention Budget

2nd December, 2022

Gov’t Fails To Meet At Least 15% Budgetary Allocation Benchmark For Education

22nd November, 2022

Over 1.2M Children Still Not In School After 17 Years Of FCUBE-Eduwatch

20th November, 2022

Eduwatch Urges Government To Revisit FCUBE

20th November, 2022

Africa Education Watch Bemoans GSS’ Revelation That 1.2m Children Are Still Out Of School Despite FCUBE

31st October, 2022

Analysis Of 2023 Education Budget

27th October, 2022

Eduwatch 2022 WASSCE Ghana Monitoring Report Launched

19th October, 2022

Government Must Adopt Cost-efficient Approach In Expanding Access To Secondary Education – Kofi Asare

18th October, 2022

Education Resources: Three Times More Spent On Children From The Richest 20% Household

13th September, 2022

Development Of Pre-Tertiary Education Financing Brief

31st August, 2022

Open Governance Index (OGI) II Report Launched

26th August, 2022

Refund Or Face OSP In 30 Days-Eduwatch To Tanit Ltd

5th July, 2022

Eduwatch Calls For Stakeholder Involvement To Police 2022 WASSCE

5th July, 2022

Full Statement - Citizens' Coalition Launch

4th July, 2022

CSOs Launch Citizens’ Coalition To Arrest Democratic Decay In Ghana

30th June, 2022

Eduwatch Statement On Preparations Toward WASSCE 2022

27th May, 2022

Eduwatch Response To Emerging Issues From The GALOP Digital Learning Interventions

17th May, 2022

Dismiss Board Members Who Supervise Financial Irregularities In Education Sector Institutions

11th May, 2022

Finance Ministry To Blame For Financial Challenges Of Gov’t Schools

13th April, 2022

A Review Of Government Of Ghana's Budget Support For Girls' Re-entry At The Pre-Tertiary Level

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