Refund Or Face OSP In 30 Days-Eduwatch To Tanit Ltd

Refund Or Face OSP In 30 Days-Eduwatch To Tanit Ltd

In 2021, the Ministry of Education (MoE) picked an unknown company in the IT industry, TANIT LTD through single source procurement for a GHC 5.7 M contract to develop a training platform and content to train teachers. Pre contractual arrangements were already in place as far back as 2020.

Prior to contract signing in July 2021, the succeeding Minister of Education reviewed the scope of work approved by the Public Procurement Authority to the displeasure of TANIT.

TANIT failed to deliver within the 5 month schedule, after being paid a first tranche of about GH 850,000, according to MoE.

The MoE is now at war with TANIT over a refund of the cash, while TANIT is adamant, making wild corruption allegations against the Minister and rather demanding an additional GHC 4.7 million.

It is obvious the refusal of the Minister to pay TANIT the remaining amount is one reason why his party people are after him, assassinating his character. The minister himself said at a press conference a week ago that his party people were indeed the ones after him, which is very unfortunate.

This is the inevitable outcome of making single-source procurement a norm-no value for money. A competitive procurement, including a restricted tender, would have availed very competent IT firms instead of this unknown one suspected to have been selected on the basis of political patronage and eventually failing to deliver per contract.

We will keep advising the Minister of Education to depart from the culture of single-source procurement as it does not serve the public’s interest. While previous advices have fallen on deaf ears, regrettably, TANIT has taught the MoE a lesson no advice couldn’t.

Eduwatch shall make a formal complaint to the OSP if TANIT fails to refund the cash within 30 days and the MoE refuses to sue.

Eduwatch has accordingly issued a Press Statement