Open Governance Index (OGI) II Report Launched

Open Governance Index (OGI) II Report Launched

Eduwatch has launched the second edition of its annual Open Governance Index Report on Education Sector Institutions (OGI II). The Report assesses the responsiveness of the Ministry of Education and its 17 agencies to 11 Open Governance Indicators based on which performance scores are assigned.

After 5 weeks, the study found that, the official telephone line and email address of the Ministry of Education had been inactive since 2021 when the maiden OGI report was published. The official website of the Ministry had also not been updated since April 2021.

The study also found that 80 per cent of Education Sector Institutions (ESIs) had not published their 2020 annual reports and strategic plans on their official websites, and 50 per cent did not respond to messages sent through their official emails. The official websites of 40 per cent of the institutions were not updated regularly, and 40 per cent of ESIs did not have Information Officers required by the RTI Law.

The Ghana Library Authority recorded the highest OGI Score of ten (10), with the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission being the most improved institution moving from 7th position in 2021 to 2nd position in 2022. The Ministry of Education ranked 4th with an OGI score of seven (7).

The report recommends the Ministry of Education to procure an Interactive Voice Response system with a toll-free number hosted at the Ministry and linked to all its agencies, to strengthen monitoring and coordination. It further urges the Ministry of Education and its 17 agencies to ensure official email addresses and telephone numbers of ESIs are responsive, and official websites and social media handles frequently updated.

The OGI II also recommends the Ministry and its agencies to assign responsibility to manage official emails, telephone lines and updating of websites to designated officers accountable to specific Key Performance Indicators subject to periodic appraisals, while ensuring official websites contain annual performance reports and strategic plans.

The full OGI II Report is available below:

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