Education Alert

Education Alert

3rd September, 2021

Curbing Examination Fraud Through Innovative Technology In Questions Distribution Systems

16th July, 2021

A Critical Review Of Technical Universities, Five Years After Implementing The Technical Universities Law

23rd April, 2021

The Cost Of Free SHS: Is Free SHS Increasing Or Removing Financial Barriers To Secondary Education For The Poor?

4th February, 2021

The Education-Migration Nexus: Strategies For Education Policy Implementation In 2021 And Beyond

13th January, 2021

Back To School: How Schools Can Address Challenges Students Come With

1st November, 2020

Ghana's High School Dropout Rate: Policy And Practice Prognosis

1st September, 2020

Reforming The System Of Assessment And Examinations In Ghana And WAEC Member Countries

22nd August, 2020

Education During COVID-19 And Beyond

7th August, 2020

Working Towards Quality Education In Africa Within The COVID-19 Pandemic

29th June, 2020

The COVID-19 Back To School Agenda: Lessons From Africa

25th May, 2020

Towards Reopening Basic Schools: Our 10-Point Proposal In Focus

1st May, 2020

Reducing Waste In The Education Sector

7th April, 2020

1 Million Children Excluded From Virtual Learing

24th March, 2020

How School Fees Is Excluding Poor Slum Dwellers From Basic Education In Ghana

4th December, 2019

Towards A Sustainable Financing Of SHS In Ghana

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